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Vocalist Manisul Ssemanda aka King Saha has tonight creeated his own empire as a king in the music industry.


King Saha whose concert dubbed “Ebiseera Ebyo” that was endorsed by the National Unity Platform Principal and a fellow artist Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine became the first ever concert to hold such a big crowd at Hotel Africana

According to the funs that attended the concert and other ugandans say that turning up the such huge numbers came after Bobi Wine commanded them to go and support their fellow peasant.

The concert that had an ordinary ticket at 20k ended up being sold at 50k after the selling out of the VIP ticket that was also at 50k.

In the due security organs were also forced to use teargas in order to send off some people because the place was at full capacity.


Most of the artists led by Bobi Wine came through to support a brother and a few performed such as Spice Daina, Sheebah Kirungi, King Michael, Green Daddy, Crystal Panda, Levixon, Mikie Wine, Daxx Vybes David Lutalo, fik famaica and others.

King Saha who came to the stage in the Kings gown and a crown on his head and a scalter that defines his ruling in the music industry as the king.

Upon reaching the stage, Saha took his time as he gets used to it and later started his performance with his breakthrough song *Signal, gundeeze,mwana ggwe, Science and others followed.

The vocolist and the King of music gave everyone a thunderous performance that left the crowd extremely excited at every point of rest.He only rested once since he has a lot of music to give to his people.

In the second round, Saha returned in a blue jean shirt and trousers that had Golden extensions all over and started with his single money and others came like best friend with Spice Daina and the final was Ebiseera Ebyo which was the main song.


With the best performance, vocos, lyrical maturity and the love from the people that he was showered King Saha confirmed himself as the top and the King of the music industry in Uganda at the moment

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