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Research conducted By Makerere University  and John Hopkins University report indicates that Mubende bounces to the first position with high rate of of HIV/ AIDS prevalence/infections surpassing Kalangala District that has for years been ranked the leading.

Mubende District

The team  spearheaded by Dr. Flavia Kiweewa. While carrying out the Research on the injectable PREp of Carbotagraphy and truvuda in areas of kalangala Mityana Kasanda, and was found that injectable Carbotagrapy was more effective than truvuda.


Cartagraphy trials were done on both young women and men and this injectable prep is for people who don’t have HIV but at a high risk of getting it from sex and other ways.


Dr. Kiweewa stated that increased HIV infections in Mubende is due to booming business in the area that has attracted many people especially young girls who go there to look for money.This comes at the same time when the area is battling with the surge of Ebola Virus and it is against this background that researchers have urged government to put more effort in controlling it so that their Research is not disrupted underway.

Charles Brown from Preventive Care International, has revealed and explained that there is a PREp App that was developed recently to enable those who need their service can access it.


Akulu Ruth from International Community of Women Living with HIV in East Africa also sought government to ensure that individuals who are in need of injectable PREps and other methods that Prevent HIV are in place in that everyone can access it especially young people wherever they are because they are the most victims.


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