Construction of 8.4KM Road Resumes in Bududa

Written by on December 22, 2021

Rehabilitation of the 8.4km Bulucheke-Nyende road stretch in Bududa district has resumed after stalling for 2 years. On May 19th, 2019, the Ministry of Works and Transport contracted Ms. Gadhi U Ltd to rehabilitate the Bulucheke-Nyende at Shillings 700million.

However, the contractor halted the works, saying the money was insufficient. Now, the Ministry has increased the funds for the road works to Shillings 1.4billion. Godfrey Sekayombya from Ms. Gadi Uganda limited, says that the money initially allocated for the project was insufficient to handle all the works including blasting the rock, which had hindered the movement of their equipment.

He says that they are now going to work on the road up to completion in March next year. Residents like Peter Wanaba, Imran Wambete, and Robert Katenya have hailed the government for resuming the road works, saying that they have been facing a huge task to transport patients to health centres and their agricultural produce to the market because of the bad road.

Titus Kusolo, the Bumayoka Sub county LC III Chairperson, says that they had given up on the project because of stalling for a long time, adding that they shall now work with the contractor to ensure the project is completed as planned.

Peter Masambu, the Bulucheke Sub county LC III chairperson has asked residents to embrace the project since it has come with some changes including demolishing people’s buildings and destroying gardens.

Ashio Kutosi Rashid, the LC III Chairperson of Kuushu town council has asked the contractor to give jobs to the youths within the community so that they can also get some money to facilitate buying of the necessities.

Milton Kamoti Wasunguyi, the Bududa District LC V Chairperson has encouraged the young and able-bodied youths to engage in the works, adding that this would improve their road system in the district.

Issa Bukoma Ngati, the Bududa District Engineer, and Supervisor of the project told Radio 4 Ensunsuzi that the contractor was looking for a way of blasting the rock before Muchomo trading center, which has hindered the movement of the graders to help complete the works.

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