Security Heightened in Bus Terminals

Written by on October 27, 2021

Security has been heightened in all Bus Parks in Kampala in the wake of Monday’s explosion on a bus.  The explosive device went off from within Swift Bus as it travelled through Lungala in Mpigi district.

The joint security agencies on Tuesday described the explosion as a suicide mission conducted by Isaac Matovu, the only person who died in the incident. Security has said the material used by Matovu is not different from those that were used to make an Improvised Explosive Device that went off at Digida pork joint in Komamboga on Saturday.

Heightened security in the bus parks over the years had declined, but on Tuesday, there was a heavy police presence at all entrances of the bus terminals.  At the exit and entry points, everyone who accessed them had to be searched. Vehicles entering the parks were also thoroughly checked by the police.

At Namayiba Bus Terminal, there were officers with metal detectors carrying out searches before people access the terminal.

Suleiman Mugume, the Manager of Baby Coaches says after the explosion, the enforcement of regulations will continue and hopes that other bus terminals will sustain it.

Mugume also says that hawkers that sell merchandise like electronics and food have been banned from the bus parks.

Lambert Kairirizi, the Manager of Link Buses says that security checks and screening have intensified. He says that all the passengers and their luggage are thoroughly checked before entering the parks.

The situation is the same at Kisenyi Bus Terminal, Only the terminal staff are allowed to check passengers. Umar Matovu, the Manager of Swift Safaris says that they have asked the managers of the park to close all outlets except one exit and entry.

Matovu says that the public should cooperate with police officers to ensure that no terrorists infiltrate transport centres.

Julius Kayiira who was travelling to Masindi says that they were required to submit their luggage to searches. He adds that body searches were also conducted.

Amon Mwebesa, the Operating Manager Jaguar Bus Terminal says that the police posts erected near the bus and taxi parks were removed or abandoned and should be reinstated.

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