Heavy Rains Leave Households Homeless in Kibuku District

Written by on October 27, 2021

Heavy rains and strong winds have left several residents homeless in Kibuku District.

The rains that pounded the district on Monday evening destroyed houses in Katiryo and Bukatikoko parishes in Kituti Sub County in Kibuku district.  They also destroyed crops, killed animals and left many people injured.

According to local leaders, over one hundred homesteads were affected by the rains. They say that there could be looming hunger in the area and appealed for relief food, and shelter from the government.

Muzamir Kayongo and Muhamood Nkonyuku both residents of Katilo parish in Kituti sub-county said that the heavy rains have left them homeless and with nothing to eat.

Ibrahim Chomo, the LCI Chairperson of Katiryo II Zone said that the entire sub-county of Kituti has been affected. He adds that all the crop gardens of the residents were destroyed.

He wants the government and the local leaders to intervene and provide relief to the affected people.

Ramathan Muluga, the Katiryo Sub County Councilor said that people are now living in bad conditions since most of them have no homes.

Joseph Kaugule, the Kibuku District Environment Officer says that the district has not yet intervened due to a lack of funds.

He said that they are currently collecting data to establish how many people were affected and send a report to the Office of the Prime minister.

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