Written by on October 22, 2021

After a long starvation by Ugandans since the government had shutdown Facebook which was the most influential social media platform in the country Ugandans have come up with there own social media app that works like and beyond Facebook called MYLYK.

MyLYK is filled with fun-packed features such as posting, communities, pages, marketplace, jobs, blogs, etc.
Users are able to post different kinds of fun media including texts, images, videos. links, stickers, hashtags, etc.
Users are also able to interact with each other and communities through real-time chats, voice & videos calls.

MyLYK can be accessed through the Google Play Store on Android and Apple AppStore on the iPhone well as non smartphone users can be able it via its official website at

One can also acquire the App through directly scanning a QR Code which shall in turn direct them to the respective application store of their device.

Current MyLYK users are can also be able to share and invite their friends and family to connect on the platform.
To get started on MyLYK, one simply needs to create an account by entering their username, email account and password to join the amazing world of MyLYK.

Hon. Andrew Baryayanga the head in the innovation of this app says the app will increase on the social connections, provide market for business and goods to buyers, increase in the tourism sector and more importantly it will provide employment opportunities.

Justus Mugisha the chairperson for this app urges all Ugandans to go for this app so as to also earn points that will uplift them economically and socially. He also urges them to put app SACCOs and economical groups that can be uplifted by the app’s company


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