Only 600 Guests to Attend Independence Celebration.

Written by on October 5, 2021

Only 600 guests will join President Museveni at Kololo ceremonial grounds for celebrations to mark 59 years of self-rule. According to Peter Ogwang, the Minister of Economic Monitoring in the office of the President, this is aimed at ensuring that there is adherence to the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures.

This year’s celebrations are to be held under the theme, ‘Celebrating our 59th Independence day as we secure our future through a national mindset change.’

Ogwang said that the 36-years of NRM rule have seen Uganda transform in reaps and bounds and that despite challenges of corruption, poor service delivery, sectarianism and tribalism, the leadership is still on course to achieve Vision 2040 that which will see Uganda transformed into a prosperous country.

“We have been free for 59-years but our independence is being constrained by low income at household levels. Today, the greatest enemy of our independence is poverty. However correct social and macro-economic policies we are pursuing together with our peace, stability, solidarity, and natural resources constitute a firm basis upon which to accelerate our war on poverty…” Ogwnag said.

When asked how much time they need as the NRM to realize this goal, the minister said this is an incremental journey that can’t be given timelines.

Ever since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the government banned all ceremonies that gather a lot of people. All national ceremonies are normally held scientifically either at State House Entebbe or at Kololo Ceremonial grounds with significantly reduced numbers hence cutting down on the amount of money that otherwise would have been spent.

Asked why the government doesn’t channel the money previously spent on such celebrations to media houses by buying space and time, Ogwang said this is a proposal that that should be considered.

Although Uganda has been independent for 59 years and had nine heads of state, President Museveni has had the longest reign of 36 uninterrupted years of rule.

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