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Kampala residents are up in arms with the Kampala District land board officer David Balondemu for conspiring with dealers to grab their land.

They are also accused of soliciting bribes to process land titles to fake landlords.
The accused land is at Semuliki Walk plot 2

Ms Hemi Damani and Jyoti Damani the Directors of Bat Valley Restaurant and Bar are complaining about the fraudulent way the Land Board cancelled her lease that was given to them in 1994 and was reneweble after every five years.

On addition in May 2021, she applied to Kampala District land Board for another extension and the KCCA directorate of physical planning gave her a letter of no objection.

On 29th August 2021 at night Mrs Damani received a call saying that Kampala District Land board together with security guards from Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries (KPI) destroyed all the property that  was on land and sealed off the land and put up sign posts indicating restrictions to enter.

From no where Ms Damani says she had that Mr. Ntaganda Ephriam the well-known land fraudster in Kampala whose name is common in many land wrangles and his friend Ivan Byaruhanga has acquired a land tittle that was
issued on 27th August 2021in a consideration of Ug.Shs. 142,720,000 (One Hundred Forty-Two Million, Seven
Hundred and Twenty Thousand only); equivalent to approximately USD 40,000 (United States
Dollars Forty Thousand only). This is for one Acre of Land in the middle of Kampala. We have
been given no notice or warning or opportunity to defend our position in the face of re-entry.
We have now further learnt that the Title has been stealthily transferred to a Buko Minerals and
Oils Limited with Augustine Rutangada, Allan Muzima, Barbara Nalubega listed as
Shareholders on 2nd September 2021; upon which we have now placed our Caveat. Says Mrs Damani.

All the parties  are now restricted by court to enter the land but questions stay
1. How was a Lease cancelled without any formal notice being given to the existing Tenant?
2. How was an alleged “re-entry” made at night
3. What is being done to bring those who have openly admitted bringing private security
guards, thugs and a container to the premises in the middle of the night on a weekend in
contravention of Presidential Directives during COVID-19?
4. How was the Land transferred to Buko Minerals and Oils Limited on 2nd September 2021;
less than one week after the Lease was issued to Ivan Byaruhanga?

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