Rosebud hits Fairtrade certification, to boost workers earnings

Written by on August 7, 2021

The Rosebud Ltd flower farm, a flagship Ugandan roses exporter has been internationally accredited to sell its flowers across the globe.

Managing Director Rajiv Ruparelia said on Friday, August 6 that the development, which means Uganda’s number one rose’s exporter has accreditation for Fairtrade, helps the company to sell its products in all major markets which is a big boost for Ugandan flower products.

Mr. Rajiv gave out over 2000 mattresses to farmworkers in the 10 villages surrounding the Rosebud flower farm in Namulanda, Wakiso district.

He also noted that Rosebud Ltd, according to the certification, will be sharing its earnings with it’s workers, probably a first in the industry.

For every flower sold by Rosebud, Mr. Rajiv said, workers, are given a certain percentage of the value.

This year, the flower farm has already sold UGX 450 million, despite a slump in flower sales due to closures of shops due to covid-19.

However, Rosebud ltd, has decided to buy 2000 mattresses for the workers spread across 10 villages. Mr Ruparelia asked workers to give their best shot at producing quality flowers because the market for flowers keeps growing and next year they are likely to make more money as the world recovers from the global pandemic.

Rosebud, Uganda’s Leading Flower exporter plans to increase production to meet the growing demand of flowers across the world.

The company founded by city tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia exports about 150 million roses annually.

According to Rajiv, the company has now obtained international certifications to expand its market.
“We now have International certification meaning Uganda now exports quality flowers to all major markets. We have also attained fair trade standards which means we sell at good values which benefits the country and our workforce,” Rajiv Ruparelia explained.

Mr. Rajiv says that Rosebud is going to expand and this will increase revenue for the country and create more jobs for Ugandan youth and women.

“The market abroad is very big. Even if we increase the acreage of our farms we will not satisfy the entire market. This means we need to increase productivity using good farm practices that we have used for many years. If you work hard we shall all benefit as a family”, Rajiv said as he called for unity and hard work emphasizing the need to amicably address any disagreements that may arise in the course of executing their work.

“We are a family and trust me your interest is our interest too. We are all in this together to ensure your livelihoods are improved…That you can take your children to school and have a good life. So let’s work hard together to achieve together,” he implored them.

In 2000, Rosebud Ltd farmland was only 13 hectares but has now grown to over 60 hectares under greenhouses and employing over 1,500 staff.

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