Nambooze’s Resolve Never to Meet Museveni Upsets MPs on Assurances Committee

Written by on July 20, 2021

A section of Members of Parliament sitting on the Government Assurance Committee, mainly from the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party have criticized their Chairperson for not being tolerant following firm stance not to meet the President Museveni if need arises.

This was during the committee planning meeting chaired by the Chairperson Betty Nambooze on how to execute their mandate. During the meeting, Nambooze told MPs that she was not ready to interface with President Yoweri Museveni at any time and that if need arises, she would excuse herself.

“I will not attend it. We would have to ask one of the members to lead the team to meet him,” Nambooze said, adding that she was unwell due to the pain inflicted on her life by the President’s soldiers during the 2017 fracas in Parliament when a section of Opposition MPs were ejected from the Chambers as they protested the removal of the Presidential age limit.

However, NRM MPs who form majority of the committee members asked Nambooze to embrace political tolerance.

Betty Chelain Louke, the Amudat woman MP wondered why Nambooze was hesitant to meet the President yet his office is key to the issues handled by the committee. She implored the committee Chairperson to consider the interface with the President for the good of the Nation.

Mariam Naigaga, the Namutumba woman MP said that the NRM MPs were willing to work with the Committee leadership and that they would do well if they move as a team without involving political sentiments.

John Baptist Ngoya, the Bokora County MP appealed to Nambooze to have a forgiving heart despite the pain inflicted on her. He also shared the same sentiment with his colleagues for Nambooze to be part of the committee plan of meeting the President.

In her response, Nambooze said that the committee has many members that can represent her at the meeting if need arises.

Meanwhile, the Committee directed its clerk, Jackie Oidu to write to all Political Party Secretary Generals with representation in Parliament to present their manifestos to the committee.

Nambooze however said that the committee’s focus will be more on the manifesto for the ruling government to ensure that the pledges made to Ugandans are fulfilled.She also noted that her committee would work with other Sectoral committees to ensure that government pledges are fulfilled.

She also expressed disappointment that the committee never presented a report during the Tenth Parliament and pledged that she would ensure that it becomes the most vibrant Committees of Parliament.

Robert Ssekitoleko, the Bamunanika County MP said that many of the pledges made by the President in Luwero triangle like constructing roads, factories, health centres and schools are not fulfilled.

He noted that roads like Zirobwe-Wobulenzi, Kalule-Bamunanika and Wobulenzi to Kabimbiri are not yet worked on while government in each financial year promises to work on them.

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