Kampala Parents School Excels With Flying Colours In PLE Results, Calls Upon Gov’t To Invest In E-learning Amidst Covid-19 Lockdown

Written by on July 16, 2021

Ruperalia Group’s Kampala Parents School has registered 129 first grades in the just-released 2020 Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) results attributing their success to the continuous online lessons that the school adopted after lockdown.

Kampala Parents has thus called upon government to scale up online learning to ensure that children continue learning during the current COVID-19 pandemic or other challenges that could emerge in future.

At the moment, most public schools in Uganda lack internet facilities and as such many pupils cannot access learning online following closure of schools in a move to mitigate coronavirus infections.

According to the principal at Kampala Parents school, Daphine Kato it’s important for children in both private and public schools to continue learning and that Government should support efforts to put the necessary facilities in place.

Kato was speaking after receiving the 2020 PLE results in which 129 out of 186 candidates who sat from the centre passed in grade one with grades ranging between 4 to 6.

Kampala Parent’s school was among a few schools that ensured continuous learning through use of online platforms. Kato says that this helped a lot.

“The situation was not so normal but we had to give our best, online lessons helped a lot, because if we had not had them, we could have not had such results. I urge the Government to increase efforts and promote E-learning because we do not know when the pandemic will end.  E-learning is very helpful and health because both teachers and the pupils stay in their respect homes,” she said.

The principal also welcomed the performance of the pupils saying it is remarkable given the tough conditions pupils studied in and sat for the examinations.

“The results have been released; the general performance is very good. Given the difficult time, to see our pupils performing like this is really wonderful, we thank God and the parents that really cooperated with us to get this kind of performance.”

Kampala Parents’ School is a great school with world-class facilities required by pupils to excel academically as well as promoting their mental and physical growth and be ready to shape your children’s future through their favourite life-changing studies and co-curriculum activities.

Under its mission of; ”facilitating first-class education and civilisation to children within and from outside Uganda with the hope that there will be a better world community tomorrow“, Kampala Parents’ School is on an international level but follows a local curriculum.

The school is situated along Lugogo by-pass and has an enrollment of over 2500 pupils with 118 well-trained teachers and over 150 non-teaching staff members with pupils coming from all over the world.

Kampala parents school is not only the school with unmatched extra-curriculum activities in the country but also its academic performance is at the required standard due to the well-trained staff members who are talented in handling, disciplining pupils as a key to success Which accounts for the good performance for many consecutive years.

Kampala parents school is currently offering some free admissions for needy students/pupils but on first- come first -serve basis for those who will rush for them, bring your children to Kampala parents and let them achieve their dreams the easy way.

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