Water Submerges Gardens in Bundibugyo

Written by on July 5, 2021

Water has submerged gardens in Bundimulombi 1 village in Bundikeki parish in Kirumya Sub County in Bundibugyo District.

The water has flooded Nyankiro valley, which sits between Bundigere and Bundimulombi villages. The water is 1KM in length, half a kilometer in width and 15ft deep.  According to the residents, the water that has occupied the area in the dry spell, begun forming last week.

Anthony Bigambo whose land is affected greatly by the development, says that he was taken by surprise to find his garden submerged last week despite the fact that there was no rain in the area. The farmer says that he has lost gardens of cocoa and banana.

Ronald Asaba, another farmer in the area tried to save his land by creating valleys around his garden, but the water overwhelmed his efforts. He says water oozing from underground has destroyed his half an acre banana plantation.

Emma Baguma, the Bundimulombi Village LC I chairperson, says that over 20 households have directly been affected by the water that has destroyed their crop gardens. He says that people from surrounding areas are rushing to their area to tour and have fun in the water.

Abraham Bamwitirebye, the Kirumya sub-county LC 3 chairperson, says that he has already communicated to the district leadership and health department seeking immediate intervention. He says that the water volume is likely to increase with the expected onset of the rains.

Julius Businge, a Geo- Observer in Bundikeki parish working with Mountain of the moon University-Fort Portal, says that the position occupied by the water was originally a route for the small Nyankiro stream. He says that the massive landslides, which affected the areas in 2019, blocked the stream.

Jockus Maathe, the senior Environment officer for Bundibugyo district told URN that Kirumya sub-county is susceptible to landslides that have often blocked water streams in the area. He says through the office of the OPM they have managed to do risk mapping in the district and established that the Sub County is prone to such phenomenon.

Robert Tibakunirwa, the Bundibugyo LC V chairperson, says that their technical team is on the ground to advise how best the situation can be handled before causing more damage.

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